How ignorance of misaligned perceptions leads to antagonism and polarization

First of all, I should mention that in the context of American politics, I am apolitical. I disagree with what both parties represent, not to say anything about what they believe. But the fact that I even have to put this disclaimer here is telling of how polarized we are as a nation — if I didn’t say so, you’d immediately close the page, assuming I’m making a pro-conservative argument, which would be deemed wrong even before you knew what the argument was.

With that, let me begin:

The reason for the extreme polarization in this country is not because…

The fine line between technology and science-fiction

I’ve already explained how conspiracy theorists make up a non-negligible piece of dialogue about the state of our society. But there is a segment of the US population which believes in something close to conspiracy, although it has not been deemed anywhere near as toxic or insane: science-fiction.

To recap, the driving factors behind conspiracy are a loss of faith in our socio-economic systems, misdiagnosed as deliberate perpetrations of evil, as opposed to what it truly is — pure ignorance on the part of our policymakers and figureheads.

I don’t think many people would argue with me when I say…

Conspiracies theorists might be insane, but we can learn from them

The biggest irony of the past decade is that, despite our quickly eroding social values, seen in the increasing reality-TV style presidential elections, and literal reality TV-style presidents, most people still insist on claiming that US is the superior country with the superior government.

It’s no surprise the majority of American people have never traveled outside the country. If they had, they would quickly realize that there are several countries out there who have more respect for their fellow people, as well as their government, than we do.

Americans have come to the point where, after decades of conditioning, we…

It creates an economy of exploitation and misincentives

My definition of politics is very different from most people’s.

Politics, to me, is: anything that has nothing to do with me. It’s an attempt to explain the goings-on in the world that I have not experienced first hand.

Logically, then, any political question cannot have a universal right answer, because people make their judgments based on their own perceptions, and no two people’s perceptions are the same.

This definition, although exceedingly simple, hits all the marks. It explains 1) why most people cannot have political discussions without get triggered or angry (no facts, only feelings); 2) why each political…

Reality is more than just left and right

I don’t consider myself a part of either side. Principally speaking, I probably could be considered conservative. But the Republican party in America today is not defined by principles alone.

I used to consider myself a progressive liberal. The most excited I ever got about a politician was Andrew Yang. I liked his fresh new ideas which were not revolutionary, but instead felt like they could be implemented into our current framework relatively seamlessly.

I don’t think America needs a revolution — at least not the typical kind, involving fire, destruction, and replacement of government with a supposedly “better” one.

They fail to describe the real state of reality

Our political views are defined by our life experiences. Someone who grew up in a wealthy family with favor the political party that doesn’t want to increase taxes on the rich. Someone who grew up in a poor family will want rich people to be taxed more.

The crux of politics is to define a framework which allows for the most equitable flow of money and resources. All political ideas beyond that are abstractions (aka, man-made conceptions built off of previous man-made conceptions).

In the hyper-politicized environment of society today, we have become so absorbed in these abstractions that we…

Our reality is a reflection of our inner consciousness.

There is no base truth in the world. It’s what we make of it.

No one person can understand 100% of reality.

I spent a few years working, in vain, on a social media platform intended to facilitate “quality” discussion.

Having attempted to make a livelihood out of what was, for all intents and purposes, an “anti-Facebook”, made me realize that there’s nothing wrong with Facebook.


Imagine this: I create an alternative social media platform for only “real” news, only civilized discussion, no personal attacks, no trolls and malicious bots…

Why it’s impossible to go back to the days of neighborly civility and familial harmony

I still have a feint memory of the days when the neighborhood would get together at block parties and have casual chats and get along with each other… without having to test each other on their political views first.

Society today, at least if you live in the US, is more fragmented than ever. We have divided ourselves in many artificial ways — most political, all unnecessary — such that by default, we have no respect for each other — that is, unless we find out that we have similar political views.

America is like a porcelain ceiling, fragmented in a billion different places.

The rise of social media as a means…

When does political discussion go from deconstructive to constructive?

Before 2020, I’d spent three years living abroad, in a place largely free of political polarization and where there was general harmony among the people. So when I came home, I was quickly overwhelmed with the deluge of politics I encountered at every turn. Everywhere around me, people were arguing — a war of words at its most animal level.

On Twitter — a perfect example of the peak of human unconsciousness — people go back and forth nonstop, defending and rebutting with trite party-standard arguments, which then devolve into personal attacks. Having been outside of the country for so…

My December 2020 trip to Mexico was revitalizing, and virus-free

Life has been strange for everyone this year, and mine is no exception. I got back from finishing my degree abroad at the end of last year, and since then I’ve been home — no school, no job, no (real-world) social life — for a full year. So without implying that I understand what anybody else is going through, I’ll just say that this year has beaten me into a pulp, mentally speaking.

With this as context, it’s easy to understand why I may have felt the need to travel at the earliest opportunity.

Over the past few months, I’d…

Nicholas Robert

Trying and failing at not writing about politics. Also interested in travel and spirituality.

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